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Fotografi » Centro » Scheda personale di: patrizia dottori

patrizia dottori
roma - Roma - Lazio
Classe utente: Fotografo
Patrizia Dottori, photographer since 1986. I was born in Rome and I live and work between Rome and Buenos Aires.
I shoot as an artist and think as a photographer and that is why I call "artistic reportage" my photographic genre.
Projects stem directly from shootings. When I look at my pictures I see a story. I look for meanings and emotions of non-straightforward realities.
In recent years I have been working more and more in an abstract form, mostly on topics related to human rights and environmental issues, focusing on beauty as a message in itself. In this context was born Mother&Land, an important project, composed of seven works about the elements of nature, that deals with violence, against nature and against women and what they have in common.
My training starts from medium format with Giancarlo Berluti. When I changed to 35mm I concentrated on B/W printing and, influenced by the style of Man Ray and trained by Stefano Gioia of Photomania, I realized an exhibit called The 10 Commandments.
In 1990 a course in watercolor held by Roberta Filippi acted as a crucial step towards color. In the same period I started two large projects, one on Cuban propaganda and the other about New York.
Another crucial step was the passage from analogue to digital which I went through studying with David Harvey (TPW) and realizing a surrealistic work on selfportraits called PatIsHere.
From 1990 to 2016 I attended different seminars: from the standards of photography with Stefano Carofei to photojournalism with Graffiti Association and Graffiti Press, from photo retouching with Tiziana Faraoni (Officine Fotografiche) to image copyright with lawyer Massimo Stefanutti. I also studied structural analysis of film language, iconography, direction of photography, screenplay, editing and color theory with Antonio Pluchino (Videoambiente).
I sometime think about the shots I have not made, but never about future ones… I keep looking inside me for those, as I have always done.
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